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Kristin Wooten, LPC​C

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor & Owner


Specialty Trainings:  EMDR, CBT, Gottman, DARTT, Neurofeedback, Brain Health Coach


"Counseling is a very personal journey and a good connection with your counselor is critical.  I offer a safe place for you to explore your concerns. I will listen, ask reflective questions, provide coaching, and in some cases offer worksheets or resources as a way for you to learn new strategies. Our work together can help you improve your communication skills, better the quality of your relationships, increase self-esteem, and learn how to set and follow through with goals."

Kristin works from a holistic perspective, paying attention to what is happening in a person's body, mind, and spirit in order to achieve greater effectiveness and success in the healing process.  She is certified in Developmental & Relational Trauma Therapy (DARTT) and is trained in EMDR therapy which are two modalities most effective in addressing trauma. Kristin is also a certified Brain Health Coach through the Amen Clinic.

A graduate of Xavier University, Kristin has worked with individuals over the years in many settings to provide encouragement and hope.



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